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Get Securitization Audit Report in just $299

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Order Securitization Audit Report

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While foreclosure rates are at record high numbers for years currently, last year reported that foreclosure rates were lower, and it appeared like everything can be getting down to improve.  It appeared like we have a tendency to were finally turning into freed from the foreclosure fraud that had been plaguing householders for years.

Experts warned that the reduction in foreclosure cases we have a tendency to saw was solely as a result of the very fact that these predatory lenders were currently fighting litigation, and once they managed to achieve a settlement we might see foreclosure rates begin to rise yet again, thus it absolutely was a decent plan to not go into reverse from mounting a powerful foreclosure defense. The banks were really waiting till they may reach a settlement before they started going back to their previous tricks of committing mortgage and foreclosure fraud.

Forensic (RESPA and TILA) Audit

We thought that the Attorney General’s Foreclosure Settlement would place a stop to the current predatory behavior, however a leopard cannot amendment its spots, and therefore the banks are up to their previous tricks once more. Foreclosure fraud committed by these lenders was thus widespread it absolutely was thought of to be at an institutional level. will anyone extremely believe that they’re going to stop pursuing fraudulent foreclosures currently that they need gotten their slap on the wrist and now not need to worry concerning the central or forty nine states having the ability to sue them for his or her criminal actions?  this why it’s necessary currently than ever to form positive you have got a thuslid foreclosure defense in place so you’ll fight back and keep from losing your home to a fraudulent foreclosure.


Securitization and Financial Audit

By having your home loan documents examined by a securitization audit like the Bloomberg-based securitization audits that Securitization Audits X  provides, you’ll be ready to verify if you’re the victim of foreclosure fraud. A securitization audit from Securitization Audits X can provided a close examination of your loan documents and verify if you have got been the victim of robo-signing, securatization fraud, and if your home loan has been properly securitized. If it’s discovered that the note and title to your home became separated, then your lender might not have any legal right to foreclose.



For more info about Forensic Audits Securitization Reports visit Securitization audits

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